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Topic: In game rules

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In game rules

Hello and welcome!

We love that you are interested in having fun with us! And to keep it fun we have very few and very simple regulations every member of our kinship must follow.


1. We are DRAMA FREE. If you have an issue with anyone in the kin, keep it mature please, take it to private messages, and if you need it, message an officer to help you with the issue. If you start drama on the kin chat, you'll be given up to 3 warnings, after that, if you continue, it may result in getting kicked out.

2. Racism, insulting another kin member and/or sexual harassment is equivalent to an instant expulsion.

3. Do not ask for a fellow kin member to share his/hers account information with you. You'll be given 1 warning if you are discovered doing this, if you persist, you'll get the boot.

4. Officers are fellow players, not your parents. Officers are meant to help and guide, but they are NOT responsible for your gearing up, neither your gameplay experience, they DON'T HAVE to give you free stuff if they don't want. If you harass an officer on something related to this, you'll get up to 3 warnings, after that, if you continue, it may result in getting the boot.

5. We support our kin members any way we can: helping to gear up, helping with manufacturing items, helping with quests, etc. Keep in mind we do this for our KIN MEMBERS, not your out-of-kin friends neither out-of-kin alts. Do not ask for stuff for people outside the kin or your alts, get them in kin if u want things for them. If you are discovered giving stuff we gave you to people outside the kin you will be given 1 warning and you'll be put to trial for a month (meaning you won't get anything from the kin for that period of time), if u persist... you guessed! It's the boot.

6. If you are part of our kin YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS RULES, saying "I didn't knew that" does not count.


All that said, let's have fun together and enjoy as much as we can!!!

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