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Forum use rules

Hello dear kin members!!

This forum is a tool for us, also is a hang out spot for all of you, and we want you to have fun with it. Of course, we want you to enjoy the best way possible, and for that you have to keep in mind the following:

1. The in-game rules apply here too, so remember to check them out.

2. If you link (or upload images here) to porn sites and/or any other offensive sites, you'll post will be erased, your forum account banned for a month and you'll be given 1 warning. If you persist, you'll get kicked out.

3. NO SPAM. If you fill the forum with spam stuff (I don't think i have to explain what web-spam is, we all know that right?) you'll be given up to 3 warnings, after the third one, your forum account will be banned for a month. If after that month you come back and spam again, you'll be given 1 last warning, if u keep on going you'll get expelled from the kin.

4. Remember this game is played by children too, so manner your vocabulary. If you are offensive in your way of writing you'll be given up to 3 warnings, after that you'll get banned for a month, if you continue after coming back from that month you know what will happen right?... The infamous boot.

5. Keep you forum username close to your in-game name, we need to know who we are talking too, please don't give us "ultraSeXyBeAzT_4ever92"... accounts named like that will be banned.

6. We are not responsible if you share your forum information, neither we are responsible for what is written under your name. If something is posted under your name on this forums that goes against any of the previous rules, the rules will apply to you, we don't care if you use the old "it wasn't me, it was my cousin on my account" or something, be careful next time then.


Let's all have fun together and enjoy our website!!!



-- Edited by Garaver on Monday 27th of May 2013 11:21:40 PM

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